Five Steps to Learning The Art of Slow Fashion

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As I reach for an article of clothing in my closet, I notice the many shirts and pants I bought over the years that I hardly wear. Some are too small but most are just trendy clothes which are no longer in style. Instead of sorting, removing or donating the items (I just had to have) I shut my closet door fully aware of the wasted garments and unused clothing cluttering up my space. Then, I am introduced to "Slow Fashion." Unlike ethical and sustainable fashion, its purpose is to make you aware of the quality and longevity of the clothing itself.

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Much like a painting begins with a blank canvas, so is the art of slow fashion. Whether it's handmade jewelry, clothing or accessories, each product starts with an idea which then moves to the execution of the idea. Yet, we can go even further and say that slow fashion really entails not just the artwork produced on the canvas but the construction of the actual canvas itself.

From the creation of time, God made and placed particular things on earth that He knew we needed and would enjoy. We are inspired by His creation, so much so, that we try to imitate the works of His hands through art, design and fashion.

With that being said, the thought occurred to me that the fast world we live in was not what God originally designed for us at all. He wanted us to enjoy the process of living. Giving our best to our families, church and work, but most importantly, Himself. The time and patience we put into our lives produces something greater than just a finished product or destination. We learn to enjoy the journey.

The same goes for artisans who devote hours to creating a piece of jewelry, blouse or knitted bag. Well made fashion is fashion that will last. If we can slow the rate in which we use our clothing by being more aware of what we purchase based on good quality materials, as well as appreciate the time it took to create it, then we can be part of slowing down, fast fashion.

slow fashion quotes

 So where do we begin? 



Here are Five Steps you can take to learn how to adopt to a Slow Fashion lifestyle:

  • 1. Live mindfully and take your time when selecting a product.
  • 2. Clothe yourself with quality materials that will last.
  • 3. Choose best but buy Less. You only really wear 20% of your clothing.
  • 4. Select timeless goods
  • 5. Appreciate the maker 

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The Process:

As you begin your journey towards a Slow Fashion lifestyle, start small but keeping in mind the above steps.


Does it Bring Joy?

Comb through all your clothing by starting with one drawer or section of your closet at a time. I love the advice from Japanese organizer guru, Marie Kondo. She recommends to look at your clothes and accessories piece by piece and see if it sparks JOY! If the item doesn't, simply thank it for fulfilling its purpose, then donate it. Brilliant!


Keep Items You Wear Often

If you are anything like me, you may have a ton of fast fashion clothing. Don't feel like you have to get rid of it. Make steps towards gleaning the items you wear most. Like I said, you only wear 20% of what you own.Think about how your clothing can bless another person by giving items to a church or homeless shelter. Remember, sustainable fashion is part of slow fashion.


Create Seasonal Capsules

Another way to minimize your closet is to create seasonal capsules of clothing. This will help to organize your clothing by seasons, store them away for a less cluttered closet, then reunite with a fun wardrobe that looks fresh and new. Sort of the same idea as storing your kids toys away. When you are ready to bust them out, your kids are struck with excitement and nostalgia! 


Don't Be Tempted

When you are confronted with pretty clothes that have a cheap price tag, it can be very tempting. If you think about the unethical practices that some of these retailers participate in, it will make you think twice. Instead, save up your money and look for that one skirt, sweater or dress that may be a higher price and quality, but will last.

I hope you are inspired to start your slow fashion lifestyle today. If anything, it is worth the try!


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