Frenchie and Ana Gamero

Ambassador of the Kingdom of God at YWAM Kona, Internship Director at Ride Nature and Worshiper at David's Tent DC

Front l to r Loren Cunningham, Frenchie Gamero. Back Darlene Cunningham, Ana Gamero

We first met Frenchie at IHOP KC in December 2016. We drove there from Alabama with three of our sons, two of which were YWAMers themselves. Both knew Frenchie and were impressed with him, his recent conversion to Christianity and the backstory of his life. Learning of his limited funds to even travel to KC from Texas, we invited him to stay with our boys in the suite at the local hotel. 

What a radical believer in Christ and an amazing ambassador to his generation. His story of becoming a follower of Christ captured our imagination. He and a group of his friends went to a YWAM event with the intent to disrupt and mock the attendees and speakers.

Yet, in the parking lot before they even exited their vehicle, Darlene Cunningham, Co-founder of YWAM, (Youth with a Mission) approached him and told him God had a plan for his life and he would become a follower of Christ and be used to reach others with the good news of Jesus.

That encounter, inspired by the Holy Spirit moving upon Darlene, would change the trajectory of Frenchie’s life. And, like the apostle Paul, that of so many others.

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