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Full Freedom

Full Freedom 0

Things that many people would say need years to heal or significant time addressing began to fall away. Stains that old insecurities left behind were washed away. I began drawing near to Jesus and His holiness cloaked me.
Hard Landing

Hard Landing 0

Have you ever waited for something patiently? Perhaps it's less spiritual and could be a promised Christmas gift. Was the waiting and the sacrifice worth it? What kind of fruit have you seen from it? I'd love to hear!
Fruit Grows in the Valley

Fruit Grows in the Valley 0

As The Church, it is our greatest honor and joy to be ministers of the Gospel. Who is God calling you to? Do you feel a resistance or like something is in your way? I'd love to pray with you on whatever that may be! I'm the biggest chicken when it comes to talking to strangers. If God can use me, He can definitely use you too!
The Fields are Ripe

The Fields are Ripe 0

We knew Jesus wasn't lying when he said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." It was hard at times, but Jesus wasn't lying. People in America want Jesus!