Fruit Grows in the Valley

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 By Christian Winter

Yesterday I told you a little about ministry and a lot about the fighting through sickness. Every single moment of ministry was absolutely worth the fight. The first month of ministry we spent in a rural area south of Manila about one and a half hours. Most of the ministry was street evangelism and house to house visits. I made it to the first 3 days of ministry and then went out of commission. I wasn't happy. I came to see the kingdom of God advance, not stare at the back of my eyelids all day.

               I finally got to go out again and was stoked. It was to a government housing project with tons of people. I met a family that I felt were called as community leaders. They loved Jesus, but the father hadn't had a Bible in the house since he was 5. I began to go through the Bible story with them and they were hooked. They wanted to have the Word of God, but couldn't afford it. Twenty dollars is too costly when food is barely being put on the table. Then the next day I was out of it again. I didn't want to pray for my friends that were out, I wanted to be apart of it. I was so mad at being sick that I committed I would make every moment count.

               The next time I felt well enough to go we were hosting a crusade in the same housing project. It had been a few days and I began to well up with excitement. I knew more time with that family would bring so much breakthrough. I was unable to get them a Bible, but I prayed that God would send them one anyway. I walked to their house, but nobody was home. I was sad, but knew there was more people to see so I continued on.

               I prayed for a woman in her 70's that was sad because her back pain kept her from going to a community gathering that night. As we began praying, the Holy Spirit began to touch her back. She began weeping and her back was healed! She then told us that her daughter had been healed of a lump in her breast the previous day. She asked to host us the next day and for us to come play worship at her house for her friends. We joyfully agreed and prayed for and blessed her.

               I went back looking for my friends and they had returned! To my joy, they had been given a Bible by one of my friends. I was so excited to talk to them. I sat down and reiterated the Bible story, beginning to end. The father was giving me his undivided attention, his wife was nearby working, but attentive, and their daughter was bashful, yet curious. They were devouring every word I said.

               They weren't being drawn in by my eloquent speech or impressive theology. They were being pulled into the Bible story as if it was playing out through their own eyes. Nothing was going to pull their attention away. I left so encouraged and full of faith for the breakthrough not only for the family, but for the entire project. Later that day the Jeepneys began to pull away as I was still in prayer, but I managed to run one down and jump in. My heart was overflowing with gratitude for the honor it is to partner with Jesus.


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