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Cross Trade's Mission
The mission of Cross Trade is to promote artisans and producers in impoverished areas of Brazil by connecting their handmade goods to customers in new markets. The relationship between artisans and Cross Trade is focused on enhancing livelihoods and providing hope.
What They Do
  • Partner with families in need who make a product but have no local, sustainable market to sell or trade.
  • Provide interest free loans to acquire needed equipment.
  • Pay a fair price for the products that will sustain the families. Half of each order is paid in advance and the remainder paid before work is completed.
  • Arrange shipping and import these products to the USA for sale. 


 About Golden Grass


Golden Grass grows exclusively in the North of Brazil in the state of Tocantins, in the region of Jalapão. It is an important source of income for villagers, about 500 families work with the Golden Grass. Its main characteristic is the intense metallic shine and gold color, hence their common name "Capim Dourado", which literally means "golden grass" in Portuguese.

It can only be harvested between September 20th and November 20th, so it doesn't become extinct. The seeds in the flowers ensures new crop every year, resulting in the main source of income for many families of the community.

In order to maintain sustainability and to contribute to the local economy, the state of Tocantins established a Law that bans any raw material out of its region, allowing only ready-made goods to be exported.

After harvest, the stalks are dried in the shade, and then sewn tightly together with strips of young leaves from palm trees by the local artisans, which create unique pieces without waste.The entire process uses no chemicals or dyes, and the grass is never sprayed with insecticides.



What looks like gold is in fact simply grass. This grass is amazingly durable, strong, will not fade, and will not be stained by water. Golden Grass jewelry and accessory is very light and stunning, attracting attention for its charm, shine and artisan work. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings that look like gold are virtually weightless. 

 Meet the Artisans

cross trade artisans

Raimunda + Moracir
Mateiros, Toncantins

It is always a special encouragement when we see husband and wife working together.  This is the case with Raimunda and Moracir.  Both are equally skilled in working with Golden grass and making beautiful jewelry.  Raimunda focuses on making beautiful golden grass earrings while Moracir has proven to be very creative and efficient in making bracelets.  Cross Trade is proud to call them our artisans and continues to support their craft.


Dayanne + Acioli
Ponte Alta

Dayanne and Acioli have two small children.  Like many families in the north, central region of Brasil Acioli is unemployed.  Survival of the family falls on Dayanne's shoulders.  Cross Trade is privileged to partner with Dayanne.  The quality of her work is exceptional.  Pictured here is Dayanne with Neuda, one of our Brasilian team members.  Neuda helps us keep in close contact with partner families like Dayanne and Acioli.  Some of Dayanne's golden grass jewelry incorporates beautiful river stones found in their local region (Our Rio collections).


Abimael + Esimária
Ponte Alta

Abimael works with golden grass to create some of our beautiful jewelry.  His wife, Esimária, looks after their three children (baby not pictured).  Their hard work and a strong partnership with Cross Trade has helped provide for their family and even add a little extra space onto their one bedroom home.

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