Handmade Mala Necklace

Fair Trade Winds

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Exotic is the only way to describe this handmade necklace from Faire Collection! This Mala Necklace is made in Ecuador by amazing artisans who make each piece of jewelry with care and detail. You will love wearing this handcrafted necklace with a casual or elegant blouse for a great statement. Sustainable and stunning jewelry any girl will enjoy!

Size: 30″ – 34″ according to the seed sizes

Materials: Achira seeds, acai seeds, wood beads, tagua, pucca shell, leather, brass beads, gold wire and brass ring (lead & nickel free)

Faire Collection uses sustainable harvested nuts like Tagua, Acai and Achira seeds from the rainforest in Ecuador. This helps preserve the forests for future generations by providing alternative income for farmers who otherwise would cut trees down for logging and agriculture. It ensures women get paid fairly and can gain experience in the workshop to give them confidence to become leaders in their community. Many women help train their neighbors so they can join the workshop and better provide for their families.