Taza Earrings

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Handmade Taza Earrings are uniquely made in Ecuador. They are made from a special Tagua Nut grown from an Ivory palm which is dried and carved, then dipped and colored with natural vegetable dyes. Taza earrings will be a great option to wear year round. Try these bohemian dangles on for size!

Size: 2” drop

Colors: Soft Gray, Midnight and Rose Brown

MaterialsTagua, antique bronze colored brass chain, nickel-free hypoallergenic brass ear

Faire Collection

About Tagua: The Tagua nut grows from the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm, Phytelephas aequatorialis, or literally, “plant elephant,” and is commonly referred to as “vegetable ivory.” The medium-sized palm, reaching up to 60 feet tall, grows quickly and easily in shady, humid places hidden below larger trees. Tagua grows from regenerative pods, which emerge from the palms’ trunks. The pods are removed from the palm and the seeds are left to dry in the sun. The drying process for tagua, acai and pambil is weather dependent. In the dry season, the process lasts a few days to a week. During the rainy season it can take months for the seeds to dry to the point at which they can be used by the artisans to create tagua jewelry.