Champions of Justice!

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by Brannon and Kat Winter, 

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of God? I mean, seriously, how cool is it that He is working through lawyers, winemakers (yes, you read that right), fashion designers, logistics managers, and basically, every professional out there? It’s like the ultimate crossover episode, and we’re all part of the cast!

So, picture this: Last year, yours truly got a golden ticket back to Harpenden, UK, to join forces with the Center for Advocacy, Law, and Justice. Yep, the same crew I hung out with in Hawaii and the UN in Geneva. Talk about a reunion tour! They've been doing some serious globe-trotting, making waves in African nations, and even chilling with royal families. NBD, right?

Now, fast forward to January. Kat and I were knee-deep in prayers, and guess what? We've officially hitched our wagons to the Advocacy Express after she graduates from her DTS. It’s go-time, folks!

And guess what else? Yours truly is now in the business of shaping the next generation of justice warriors. We've handpicked a squad of four YWAMMERS from the US and Burundi/Rwanda. These folks aren’t just any run-of-the-mill do-gooders; they’ve got degrees, dreams of law school, and one even comes equipped with a shiny lawyer badge. For the next few months, we’re gonna be diving deep into the God’s-eye view of justice. Think grassroots movements, legal wizardry, and government mojo, all rolled into one epic training montage. And of course, no training is complete without a kick-butt justice project, research paper, and a presentation that'll knock your socks off.

Oh, and while I'm over here raising the Justice League, Kat's been invited to join the School of Communication Foundations. Kat, care to give us the scoop on that?

Communicating Christ clearly is one of the biggest challenges I've faced in a long time. I'm laughing to myself now, but I figured I had communication down to an art by now! I mean, it's been my job for crying out loud! What I've learned in the past 2 weeks about myself, others, and God's communication transcends 36 years of understanding! What does God want to create with what I am learning? I invite you to pray with me and for me in this unknown space! I find myself, and most millennials, lying between a passive generation and an active generation of communicators. Sometimes, both to their detriment. I am enthusiastically waiting to see the Holy Spirit transform how we perceive communication. With ourselves, each other, and the world! The next 10 weeks I will be examining this area in depth through The university of the Nations Communication Foundations School! Be expectant with me!

Now, dear friends, we wanna hear from you! What’s your superpower? Which corner of the working world has God planted you in? We know you’ve seen some stuff out there, and we're all ears. Drop us a line, and let’s join forces in prayer because together, we're unstoppable!

Until next time, keep spreading that love, light, and justice like it’s nobody’s business!

Yours in justice and joy,
Brannon and Kat


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