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Teaching from the Quran

Teaching from the Quran 0

Hello and praise the LORD.

This month has been with a lot of activities and also with a lot of planning.
As i’ve been doing, am still continuing in soccer in coaching the boys as well as discipling the guys i’d shared about in my earlier reports.

This month i had an opportunity to witness to two guys, one of whom was convicted and gave his life to Christ. I’m still reaching out to the other. I was doing evangelism and met with them downtown in one of the teaplaces. I came to know one of them while drinking tea.

It was evening prayer time and the call for prayer “adhan” had just been made and the guy invited me to go with him for prayer. I told him that i used to be there but now i can pray anywhere and anytime i want. He inquired over the meaning of what i had said and i replied that i pray to God with 100% surelity that He accepts my prayer and i asked him a question, “You are going to pray, are you 100% sure that Allah will accept your prayer?” and he responded that it is only God who knows.

Our conversation began from there and i challenged him from the Quran, before sharing from the Bible because the Quran talks more about Jesus than Mohammed. After sharing all the evidence from the Quran and Bible, he believed in Christ.

I’ve also been keenly focusing this month on the upcoming conference involving Muslim background believers that will be South Africa in the beginning of April. After the conference i’ll be headed to a Somali area for scouting which i feel led by God in that way.

For the conference and scouting (Somali area) i’ll need $3,000 to facilitate my visa, air tickets to and from South Africa via Kenya, and other expenses related to this journey (e.g food, housing, water, etc). Prayerfully consider supporting me on this.

Other prayer request include: pray that God may open the heart and mind of the guy i’m reaching out to at the moment. Also pray that God may open the hearts and eyes of the soccer boys i’m coaching that they may come to the Light of Jesus Christ. Also pray for God’s protection during the scouting trip in Somali area. Pray also that God may bring about growth in the lives of the guys i’m discipling .

If you are willing to give, give at Meigiving.org. My account number is SA3675 or paypal number:
Solomonh122@protonmail.com . If you have any question you can email me through this email
address: Solomonh122@protonmail.com

Yours in Christ,

Hassan's Soccer Ministry 0

Hello and praise the LORD.

I thank God for the far He’s brought me and the continuity of the work here.

This month I've been engaged in several activities, especially involving the
soccer ministry and discipling. I am coaching over twenty boys. At some point there had been a couple of low turn ups and I had been discouraged. Nonetheless, we thank God that the boys came out in large numbers especially after hearing there would be a test to determine who would remain in the team. We carried out the test successfully using various parameters and were left with a team of just slightly over twenty.

We have been emphasizing to the boys that the discipline we are inbuilding into them is not just for the field, but for life in general and more so that they may witness Christ in our lives and come to Him. We are intentional and have been praying over the team every week. Together with another coach of the team, we bought the boys shoes to enable them to play well. Pray with me that God may open the hearts of the soccer boys to receive Christ. Pray that God will mould them to be good leaders and God to save them from drug addiction which is rampant here and that they will obey their parents.

By God’s grace, I've continued to walk with half a dozen believers who have come to Christ over the last few months, some just the previous month. Most of these have passed through the waters of baptism this month. I trust the LORD that these believers will grow spiritually and also go and witness to others. Pray with me on the same.

I’m trusting the LORD this April to go to South Africa for a conference involving muslim background believers. I’m trusting the LORD to pass via Kenya on my way there. I’ll also be making a mission trip to the Somali area around that time since God has put in my heart to go and reach out to the people there. Pray that the mission trip may be a success and for God’s protection even during and over the time that we’ll be there. I’m trusting the LORD for Gospel hearted people to support me to cater for my travelling and logistical expenses needed. The expense I need to cater for all these travels is $3,000. Pray with me on this, mobilise your friends and also give as the LORD enables you.

If you like to give you can give at Meigiving.org. My account number is SA3675 or paypal number: Solomonh122@protonmail.com .

If you have any question you can email me through
this email address: Solomonh122@protonmail.com

Yours in Christ,

Somalia Evangelism

Somalia Evangelism 0

Hello and praise the LORD.

I’m a Somali believer, serving the LORD here in the (location removed). Here’s a report of what I've been doing.

I’ve been doing evangelism in the city’s downtown streets tea place where many Somali’s gather together. I met with some guys (three), made them friends and after a couple of weeks began sharing with them and through the Holy Spirit some of them came to the faith. I’ve been discipling them for a couple of months. By God’s grace at the launch of the New Year, three who
had come to faith recently were baptised and i have a Bible study with them the three guys I baptised them yesterday and the one I baptised him last year at house in week three day we meet together.

In addition, I've been involved in soccer ministry, serving as a coach for some boys training them on various tactical skills as I trust God to open opportunities for evangelism. Some of those opportunities have been through telling parables derived from the Bible. We trust that the team will be disciplined and more so see the light of Christ in us and come to a personal faith with the

As the coaches, (i have a believing Coach whom we’re serving with), we’ve been meeting once a week to pray for the boys and also to strategize on our game as well as service. I trust to see more fruit even as I trust the LORD to bring many to His fold.

I’m requesting my fellow believers who see this newsletter to willingly support me with prayer and also financially through paypal no:


or meigiving.org SA3675.

In case of any inquiry respond through: solomonh122@protonmail.com

Yours in Christ,

Fear, Doubt & Unbelief; “By this you shall know”

Fear, Doubt & Unbelief; “By this you shall know” 0

This is the second post in a multi-part series; Fear Doubt & Unbelief    

  • 2nd “By this you shall know that I am the Lord”

If we are capable of loving our own children with the intensity and compassion as we do, imagine how much our Heavenly Father, who created us in His own image, Gen 1:27, loves us.