Discovering Fair Trade & 5 Reasons to Support It

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Discovering Fair Trade & 5 Reasons to Support It

Early in the process of building Trutogs, we were researching ways to make connections with unique product manufacturers. I had vaguely remembered our eldest son mentioning fair trade companies, so I started to research Fair Trade and discovered the amazing approach to business.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Fair Trade was a way to streamline the trading system by connecting farmers, artisans and other craftsmen, who make and grow products all around the world, with organizations that help import goods to global markets.  Fair trade also allows these talented artisans a guaranteed fair wage, allowing them to help support their families, communities and builds a safe haven for their children’s future.

Fair Trade Organizations are invested in the people they work with by providing health care, clean water wells, sustainable incomes which keep women and children from having to succumb to human trafficking. The impact of Fair Trade goes far beyond fair living wages; it empowers those living in poverty, by giving hope and creating positive change to their individual lives and communities.

5 Reasons to Support Fair Trade and What it Provides:

Opportunity for All: Fair Trade creates opportunity for artisans to have access in the global marketplace. This will give them a chance to break free from poverty and provide sustainability for their families.

Fair Pay and Fair Play: Buyers and the producers can build a trust and relationship by giving respect for what a product is worth and set a fair price. Buyers also pay on time and often provide small business loans to ensure producers have all the resources they need to succeed. This exchange creates a trust that is imperative to success.

Eco-Friendly Products: Reclaimed and recycled materials help sustain the environment and are a common practice among artisans around the world. The resources used are organic, natural and chemical-free which helps keep harmony with the environment rather than destroy it with waste.

Cultural and Indigenous Identity:  Fair Trade celebrates the beauty and craftsmanship of a traditional way of life and traditional techniques used by many ancient cultures for generations. Fair Trade embraces and respects cultural identity and makes sure items are sellable on a global scale.

The Fair Trade Relationship:  Having good communication between the maker and buyer simply brings a better product to the consumer. Fair Trade gives global trade a positive force to improve the living and working conditions to so many around the world while improving the health and education of these communities.

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We have now partnered with five different Fair Trade companies. Learning about these amazing businesses has grown our awareness of the compassion and kindness so many have for the artisan's craft and unique talent. As an eCommerce website, we are excited to be a part of these Fair Trade companies which help build greater sustainability for many families and communities around the globe. Fair Trade is more than just beautiful handmade goods, it gives dignity and self respect back to the people and allows them to experience freedom which we all deserve as Gods children.

 Thank you to all of our partners!


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