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The students are here!! I couldn't be more blessed by a school. The students are so next level in their hunger for God. I'm being called higher and higher by their simple acts of obedience. 

               We're already in outreach teams and I am glad to announce that I am going back to the Philippines!!! I went their for my first school with YWAM back in 2015 and I am so excited to be back. My co-leader is the wonderful and amazing Ciara Carroll whom y'all will learn more about because she'll probably save the student's lives and my life 100's of times by the end of these 6 months. 

         The team is very eclectic which makes me excited to see what God wants to do! The team is Jake (South Korea), Jonathan (Germany), Line (Denmark), Sam (USA), Lysette (USA), Alyssa (USA), Tiffany and her two children Tucker and Izzy (USA), Grace (Germany/UK), Ciara (USA), and myself! The person I'm probably most excited to see flourish is Izzy. She is 10 years old and has a lot of personality! She has no fear with people and boldly says what on her mind. She's going to see tons of salvation's and healing's I just know it. 

               You may remember when I first went to the Philippines that I did a lot of evangelism in villages, brothels, and streets with the homeless. This time will be a bit different. We are working with another group in the capital city, Manila. Much like last time, we will be doing street evangelism, preaching in high schools, and door-to-door ministry. However, we will have the added benefit of being the ministry team at mass crusades.

               Crusades, not the ones from medieval times, are large gatherings of people in which the gospel is preached for the purpose of salvation unto a relationship with Jesus. Last year they saw 30,000 salvation in their three months of being here! I am expectant for God to move in this nation that is so hungry or the Gospel.

               The best part is that not only is my team going, but 7 additional teams will run alongside us! These teams are all lead by my dear friends and make this endeavor so much better. God made us for community! Why would I ever try to do His will alone? Well I have tried it alone, it wasn't so awesome or fun. It is a joy to be in community with brothers and sisters!

Manila, Philippines

                As I get to know everyone more I'll tell you more about them so you can share in my joy! I love them all so dearly already! Can't wait to see where God takes us!

               Thank you for your continual prayers and support in this journey we're on in growing more like Jesus. If you need anything from me don't hesitate to ask!


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