Pursuing the Unreachable

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Hello and praise the LORD.                                                                9/28/2021

I thank God for what He is doing in my life and for the ministry He is doing through me. Since my return at the end of summer I have been doing soccer ministry with more than twenty boys. I do training with them every Friday evening and Saturday morning.

   I am also discipling three guys who came to Christ at the beginning of this year. They are going through a difficult time though, because they don’t have the papers to be in the country and the police have been arresting them and deporting them.

   Three years ago my friend and I met a guy and started to study the Bible with him. He was interested in knowing more about Jesus during this time and at the end of our study he decided that he did not want to believe in Jesus. Then just this month he reached out to me and wanted to talk again, he wanted to know how to become a believer!

If you are willing to give, go to Meigiving.org. My account number is SA3675 or paypal number:
Solomonh122@protonmail.com . If you have any question you can email me through this email
address: Solomonh122@protonmail.com

Yours in Christ,


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