Evangelism…Fun or Dogmatic?

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“The point of life is not to be better and be the best and experience more. The point of life is to be known by the Lord.                                                                      by Kat Winter November 1, 2023

Wow… Evangelism… where to even start! It’s a scary word, isn’t it?!! To be honest, this was the week I was looking forward to the least! I don’t ever want to come off as “pushy” or be someone who shoves what I believe down others’ throats. This week ended up being one of my favorites so far! Evangelism isn’t that at all… when you begin to see how Jesus did it! He met with people exactly where they were and spoke to real issues in their lives. He was slow-paced and stopped for the needy and helpless. He met practical needs and ate with people who would never darken the doorway of a church! He was peaceful and truthful. He was caring yet direct. He offered people a way into the Kingdom… The Kingdom of heaven! We are called to do the same! This is the one command that every believer has in common: To tell others what Jesus has done for them personally and what He has done for the world! Below are some takeaways from our INCREDIBLE friend, Gratziano! www.lifeshare.ch is an incredible testimony to the power of a simple church and just being available for God to use!

Discipleship Training School, YWAM Pisa, Italy

TAKEAWAYS Day 1: Jesus didn’t throw his seeds all over Israel. He knew which people were open and not open. If you want to see fruit, you need to grow where you are throwing seeds. Stretch your field! Learn to go into another field! When we offer our 2 percent, God will multiply. He will give you the opportunity to stretch your faith and become more dependent on the love of the Father.

Pray: Make me an efficient sower of your seed! Teach me to get out of the shadow of my fears and insecurities. Even if you send me somewhere I can’t speak or share and feel helpless. Not being language gifted isn’t an excuse… with you, God, all things are possible!

Day 2: Make me like Paul! – “IT IS MY AMBITION TO PREACH THE GOSPEL WHERE NO ONE HAS PREACHED IT! AMBITIOUS PRAYER! – Today I want to be ambitious! I want to be an ambitious daughter or son of God and throw the seeds where no one is throwing them. Expand my tent and enlarge my field! Give me courage and give me passion! Redeem my ambition to throw the seeds of the Kingdom where no one is going! He will answer quickly!

We were made to see entire towns and cities come to Christ! When we start to sow the seeds of the Kingdom, the entire atmosphere changes! (seeds of joy, love, hope, healing, truth, etc…)

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE SHOULD KNOW AS CHRISTIANS… ALL ETHNICAL GROUPS THAT DON’T KNOW JESUS. (7,000 unreached groups!! Meaning they have never heard of Jesus!)

Bored believers are the easiest target for the enemy! Work and worship are the same word in Hebrew… we worship the Lord when we work! But, it’s the work of the Father Jesus lent his life to! Rest– we can’t accelerate or force growth. We don’t know how… we wait. We can’t in our strength. We need to know what’s God’s part and mine or the other person’s part. Shouldn’t be agitated or stressed when we throw seeds… IT’S JESUS’ CHURCH, NOT MINE – “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH” – Jesus. WE DON’T BUILD THE CHURCH, WE MAKE DISCIPLES – speak, love, sow seed, harvest… Jesus builds His church!!!

Day 3: Am I a disciple of teachability? Our First thought should be… how can I put this into practice?

Don’t let the enemy convince you that the harvest isn’t ready or the spiritual darkness is too powerful! JESUS SAID THE HARVEST IS READY! JESUS GAVE AUTHORITY & AN APOSTOLIC MANDATE TO US!

“Take No purse nor bag”- don’t be dependent on resources but dependent on God and others.

Jesus changed the DNA of people – their values… not busy with a bunch of tasks… He transformed their beliefs and priorities! They then changed the world!

Interpersonal discipleship- make friends, create dinner parties, welcome people into your life!

Pray: Lord, make mine and Brannon’s time, life, words, work, and vision to be an apprentice of Christ and to make apprentices. Lord, highlight areas you want to grow us and give us the courage to be available and surrendered to the process. Disciple Brannon and me in our time, money, and choices. Not to be consumers in anything but to be disciple makers! Other people will see how I plan my life, treat my husband, take care of my soul, and how my house feels… make me more like you in all of these areas by the power of your Holy Spirit so that others will want to know you!!

Day 5: During worship, the Lord asked if I would surrender self-reliance and effort. Yup! Teach me how, Lord!

THINK LIKE JESUS! Think outside of the box and be like Jesus – not religious weirdness.

YOU be the one to create work for others!! Don’t be passive! Jesus gave us power and gifts! We are able and have all the resources of Heaven! Everyday was an adventure with Jesus! He was: Eating with people, playing with kids, facing and solving problems and challenges, and being relational & radical! Be creative!!! He was! He loves your creativity!

The vision I have been waiting for has been the vision He cast 2000 years ago… When He said… YOU – go and make followers of me! Anything I can dream of… do! He will bring people to himself as I give him my availability and my 2%… He does the 98%!”

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