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Fear, Doubt & Unbelief; “By this you shall know”

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This is the second post in a multi-part series; Fear Doubt & Unbelief    

  • 2nd “By this you shall know that I am the Lord”

If we are capable of loving our own children with the intensity and compassion as we do, imagine how much our Heavenly Father, who created us in His own image, Gen 1:27, loves us.

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Fear, Doubt & Unbelief; Giants in the promised Land

Posted by Robert Winter on

This is the first post in a multi-part series    

 1st Giants in the Promised Land

Then the Lord said to Moses: “How long will these people reject Me? And how long will they not believe Me, with all the signs which I have performed among them”? Numbers 14: 11

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Angels From Heaven | YWAM Wollongong

Posted by Robert Winter on

As I returned to the YWAM base after a long day, there were these beautifully adorned ladies moving gracefully about as if they were dancing on air. I thought God had sent His Angels!

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Go and Make Him Known

Posted by Anita Winter on

There is something about the New Year that offers hope, optimism, and a new beginning. As the owners of our startup,, Bob and I are looking ahead to a bright and better year with greater confidence, especially now that the clock has reset and the race of 2019 has begun.

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