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By Christian Winter

I'm so glad I could share about one of the friends I got to meet on outreach, but there were two things I adored doing. Teaching in elementary schools and praying for uber drivers! I know it sounds weird, but these two ministries were so fruitful!

Last year, 40,000 Filipinos gave their lives to Jesus through some of our teams. The public schools began principals caught wind of it and faith arose in their hearts. They saw the freedom people were receiving and longed for their students to have the same transformation.

I went with 20 people into schools twice a week. We taught elementary classes on the fruit of the spirit. They were so receptive and retained what we were saying, it was amazing! There was also a lot of funny moments with awkward pauses and blank stares. God started breaking even more fear of man off of my life. I began to care less and less about what the audience had to say and simply asked what God had to say. It was sad leaving the schools after so much time, but we were also expectant for the next outreach teams to come through and follow up!

Now time for my favorite ministry, uber ministry! I spent a lot of time riding around on the Asian version of Uber (its called Grab). I took a couple of rides which could last anywhere from and hour to two hours depending on traffic. One day I felt like I was wasting my time not talking to the drivers about Jesus. I was in the car to get to the doctor, but thankfully Jesus kept hijacking my plans.

The most beautiful moment happened on the first ride that I prayed. The driver knew Jesus and loved Him so much. I asked if he knew the Holy Spirit to which he wasn't informed. I began to explain that the Holy Spirit is real and active still to this day. If Jesus left for Him to come, then the Holy Spirit must be pretty important. We arrived at the house and I prayed for the driver to receive the Holy Spirit. I felt the presence of God fill the car as we continued praying. It was welling up in me and began to feel overwhelming. There was so much peace and tender love in the air.

Something happened and I started to leave. We said goodbye and I began walking away. I made it to the door and realized I didn't pay. I ran back to the car and saw my new friend sitting in the presence of God with his eyes closed. He was feeling God and it was beautiful. Seeing a salvation and see someone meet the love of God are two of my greatest joys. This trend continued into so many rides I had. People who loved Jesus, but didn't know He sent them the Holy Spirit. Ministry is the most fun when loving people is the only goal.

Thanks so much for reading! Tomorrow's story will be all about The Send and the modern missions movement. Much love as always!
Christian Winter


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