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The Fields are Ripe

The Fields are Ripe 0

We knew Jesus wasn't lying when he said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." It was hard at times, but Jesus wasn't lying. People in America want Jesus!
God Above All

God Above All 0

Now time for my favorite ministry, Uber ministry! I spent a lot of time riding around on the Asian version of Uber (its called Grab). I took a couple of rides which could last anywhere from and hour to two hours depending on traffic
Go and Make Him Known

Go and Make Him Known 0

There is something about the New Year that offers hope, optimism, and a new beginning. As the owners of our startup,, Bob and I are looking ahead to a bright and better year with greater confidence, especially now that the clock has reset and the race of 2019 has begun.
What is Salvation?

What is Salvation? 0

Salvation isn't one moment. Salvation is a lifetime of Jesus delivering us from pain and returning us to wholeness. The goal isn't to get into heaven once we die. While being saved, I have experienced multiple salvation moments in my life.