Wine Down or Lawyer Up?

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by Brannon and Kat Winter, May 1, 2024

Hey Y'all!
An incredible woman, Judy Orred, once told me that callings can be individual and shared. When you get married, each partner has what God has called THEM to do and what they will do TOGETHER. I'm sure you can imagine the relief I felt in knowing that I don't need to make sure I marry someone with the EXACT SAME calling as me!
One thing I have yet to be too vocal about the past few years is my call back into education. Well, I have found MANY opportunities for schooling in YWAM. These range from formal U of N courses to informally being given drywall mud and told to finish a room. But what I mean about education now is university.
In 2020, God invited me to return to school and finish my degree. At the time, I was still on a pioneering team in Ethiopia, so I wanted to pick a school I could take back to Africa. I landed with Liberty, drawn by their fully online program. I graduated just a few weeks before my wedding last year with a degree in government!
God wanted me to continue my education to bring something practical to the nations. I thought about getting an MBA or an MPA. However, I felt this strange urge to do something outside my comfort zone. I believe God wants me to go to law school!
I started studying for the LSAT in May. It took me about seven months of learning to get the score I wanted. The LSAT score is one of law schools' most important metrics when determining things like admittance and financial aid offers. My 154 in September was ok, but I knew I could do so much better. While Kat was in classes in Italy, I trained my mind to go to war against this test! Ultimately, I retook it in January while we were in Cape Town for Kat's outreach. This time, I got a 164! That's right where I want to be.

I applied to several law schools. Some admitted me, some rejected me, and others waitlisted me. But one stood out from the pack; it was the school where all of my heroes went to. Regent Law School in Virginia Beach offered me a full-tuition scholarship, a six-figure scholarship to cover some of the costs of attending law school. Also, Dr. Walton personally called and prayed for me. These moves and their invitation to join the Honor's program revealed the doors God is opening up to me in this school.
So Kat and I are moving back to the United States to pursue this program starting in August of this year. We look forward to planting in a community where we can grow and develop our family. I hope to use law as a creative tool to bring God's love and blessing into nations and communities. I have a particular interest in human rights law and international law. These are not desires I have naturally, but I believe God will use me as an advocate in some complicated nations worldwide.

There are so many opportunities on Kat's doorstep. She has a powerful gift for Kingdom business. She is also a certified health coach and wine aficionado. One of the spaces I have been so impressed to watch her grow in is hosting wine dinners. She combines her passion for beauty with kingdom hospitality to bless, not impress. Using these threads, I expect God to create a beautiful tapestry as Kat walks in daily obedience to the kind of work He has for her.
As a couple, we find our calling to continue to grow in love and respect towards one another. We plan to do this in Virginia Beach through intentional rhythms, like date night every night and Sabbath. We must take responsibility for our brokenness, relying on therapeutic professionals and the Body of Christ to help us grow. We also want to engage with the youth, so I imagine we will be entirely involved in our local church youth, Regent University students, and YWAM Virginia Beach.
Please be praying for us.
• Brannon needs courage to confront his doubts over finances
• We only have one month between the UK and Virginia Beach, so we must find a house!
• For God to reveal Kat's next steps in Virginia
• Wisdom and clarity around Kat's health, especially around her sleep

Yours in justice and joy,
Brannon and Kat


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