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Identity Week- DTS week 8                                                                                      by Kat Winter, November 20, 2023

We aren’t made to fit in a box!

The subject of Identity has been a lifelong journey, and I’ve loved continuing it this week. Stacy and Josh Engle were our amazing speakers who love the word of God and live out what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and follow the identity God gave them! Here are some of my key takeaways from the week and, as usual, some poetic processing.

God is kind:
The stranger’s voice—critical, judgmental, accusatory. If that is the voice in my head and out of my mouth, then somewhere in my heart, I am living out the wrong identity.
The Shepherd’s voice is caring, loving, patient, gentle, clear, and always pointing us in the direction of life, even in correction.
We were asked to sit with the Lord and ask, “God, what are your thoughts about me?” If they don’t follow the Shepherd guideline or are unbiblical, toss them! It was a fun exercise!!
I have been given the mind of Christ, and I can know what He thinks about me and others.
I am a new creation when I believe in Jesus, something that has never been before!
God only speaks life over me!
My identity is a loved and cherished daughter of the King of the universe.
He prunes even “fruit-producing” vines to create something even better, stronger, and able to produce more fruit. He might ask you to be weak in an area so He can become strong and grow dependence.
We live by faith, not our five senses.

The enemy projects onto you what he is feeling: anger, fear, depression, anxiety.
I was created for such a time as this! Not created to fit in a box but to transform society.
Anyone can operate from the gifts, but only the ones in the secret place can operate in love.
John 15:1-15—abide. Pruning cuts away an area that already has growth; He might want to grow me in another area… an area that I might not naturally be strong in. For me, it is dependence on him and others and not my own ability.

HOW TO KNOW I’M IN RELIGION OVER RELATIONSHIP: Am I striving? Am I going into works? God sets my race… do I feel the need to speed up the pace?

-Stacy Engel

The Word:
I was struck with the taunts of Goliath in the story of David and Goliath. They brought such fear and dismay to the army of God, but David was fed up! He knew that God would slay the giant, and He didn’t use weapons of the world—like his sword or a shield—but with a rock and a sling because “the battle” was God’s. The Lord really highlighted that when we come up against the taunts of the enemy and our hearts are fearful and dismayed, that is when we need worship, prayer, the word of God, and praying in the spirit. These are weapons that will kill the loud taunts of fear, intimidation, hopelessness, dread, and fear.

Love the way your were wired!


Original design

Before the fears

Before the lies

Before the trauma and the pain

Before darkness tried to reign

Original design

Full of life

Connected to the vine

Letting life stream

Letting it fully redeem


And rewire

All those desires

Setting them ablaze

Watching the fire

Fire of love and fire of grace

Healing….bringing beauty to every place

Original design

Before the perversion of the world and the enemies lies…

I’m connecting you to my heart of love

I’m fully connecting you inside!

Prayer: Lord, clear the clutter and release my mind. The confusion and strongholds, don’t let them hide. Pursue my enemies and turn over the lies. Heal my heart and break my pride. Destroy the confusion and fear inside. Lord, my God, don’t let time go by.

Our evangelism time time in Livorno! So many cool stories!

My prayer request this week is that the Lord would give me grace to be diligent in prayer, worship, and declaring the word of God over my identity, future, family, and purpose on earth. I need wisdom and direction on what to declare and how to go about it so it will be sustainable and not overwhelming. I also feel called to worship this season in a new way… song writing! I need grace to learn some chords on guitar and piano! I also feel the lord connecting me to other musicians and I pray He would make the songs I write into songs for the body of Christ to sing!


LUKE 11:33—how much more of the Holy Spirit will I give for those who ask! Lord, give me more of your spirit!

My Identity:
Beloved, healed, whole, loved, loved, so…so loved, communicator, worshiper, creative & Prophet to the nations, delighted in, and made to be delighted in!

WHO DOES GOD SAY YOU ARE?! Spend some time listening to the voice of your maker… who has he wired you to be? Who does he say you are? What did He make you to do?



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