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Peace- Be still- and know- that I AM God.                                                                  by Kat Winter, November 5, 2023

“Questa è stata una settimana piena dello Spirito.” (This was a spirit-filled week !!) The title of this week was, Spiritual Warfare/ Holy Spirit Week! After the end of the week, I think our group would agree, that we could have easily called it- Life with The Father. We were asked to creatively process the week on Friday. Some painted, some drew, some wrote poems, stories, and raps…. It was a beautiful time of letting the Holy Spirit connect all the dots and help process what happened in our heart this week!

This week was and was not what I was expecting, in all of the best ways! Usually, when I hear about “Spiritual Warfare,” I don’t automatically think, “God, the Father, wants me to be close to Him and show me something!” Spiritual warfare can be this ethereal subject that we can pendulum swing from extreme to naive. The reality is, it’s both and! This world is not neutral. There is dark and there is light, and we are in a fight. But the hope for Christians is that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. By His stripes, the Victory has been won, and we get to stand in the face of a present darkness and proclaim, “It is finished, and it is done.” Every little part of our story that has been marred with darkness and pain, and even the choices that have left scars, He is able to fully bring beauty and unveil a larger plan and purpose for us. He is able to restore and set us free. Jesus is the only one who can make the darkness flee. His fingerprint is pressed into the tapestry of our life, and when He places His hand on areas, the darkness runs. Holy Spirit empowers us with courage to face the most difficult things with authority and faith, believing that we are able to overcome every obstacle. Holy Spirit is our guide, He teaches, comforts, and reveals. Satan can never take away our ability to choose. We have choices every day, and sometimes those choices are taken away, either by others’ choices or our own sin. But Jesus still wins in the end.

His grace covers every space, even if darkness has hovered for many days. Jesus is the King of this world and what we cannot see. The enemy’s tactic is to distract and make us agree with a darkness that promises something that isn’t free. Something that will cost us, in the end, our soul, our time, our mind, and our destiny. We make choices every day and must decide whether to align with the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom that will inevitably disintegrate. God the Father is merciful and kind. He is passionately pursuing mankind, to reveal, heal, redeem, and set us free. Jesus is not a religion, Jesus is not a joke. Darkness came to completely choke- out life and bind us within. But Jesus still wins!

He overcame death, He overcame the reign of darkness, He overcame our agreements and lies we believe, He overcame the darkest of things. He dismantles fear and miraculously saves. His only plan for evil is deliverance today! Jesus paid the price, He made the way. We are now heirs to an eternal kingdom that is free from fear.

So, this week, I was reminded that the most powerful thing is my choice. To receive and believe, to choose the Father, and to surrender control, to let Him hold my world, my time, my heart, and my mind completely. To bind the enemy from stealing another day, by choosing to believe His victory made a way. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The enemy is after our time, our heart, and our mind. We have to be sober and see that in this day we live, there is no neutrality. But we can bring light and command darkness to flee, only because JESUS IS LORD AND JESUS IS KING!

Prayer: Lord help me to remember that I don’t have to fear, but let your love draw near. When faced with Spiritual warfare and an inability to understand, at times, what I feel and see…Help me remember to simply turn to you and ask. Help me to remember that niaveness towards the spiritual realm and darkness nor extreme focus and fear towards it is what you desire. Simply drawing close to you and asking you to show, teach, and train me is what you desire to do. All authority on heaven and earth has been given to Jesus and He gave it to us. Let us bring your kingdom into the places where darkness has prevailed, because we believe love will never fail.



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